This is the new S-version of BlackVue's dual-camera DR650 - the world's top selling "premium" GPS dual dashcam since its release. See what Channel 9's ACA had to say about it!

All the best features are shared with the single camera version, including the impressive built-in WiFi. This enables both cameras to stream video to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet whenever you wish, using the free Blackvue App, which gives you access to the unit's menu system too.

And downloading files to both PC or Mac is still an easy option too. In fact, Blackvue appears to be the only brand on the market offering Mac software.

So now you can easily set up an extra camera in the rear window, and that second camera is only half the size of the main camera.

The 2 cameras connect via a slim coax cable which is readily hidden under the trim that edges the roof lining of your car. And for areas where it can't be hidden, there's 8 small adhesive cable clips included to keep it tidy.

The smaller camera has no memory card - all files are recorded on the microSD card inside the main camera.

When viewing or replaying through a mobile device, you can easily switch between the 2 views.

When replaying via a computer, you can also view both together as a picture-in-picture. Computer viewing also gives you access to the Google Maps view of your route details.

Other new features:

  • The front camera's sensor has been improved with a new 2.4mp Sony Exmor CMOS.
  • The angle of view has been reduced from 156 degrees to 129 degrees. (A good thing - we felt the 156 was a bit too wide.)
  • It will now accept 128GB memory cards.

Using a 1080P full HD front camera and a 720P HD rear camera, both at 30 frames per second, plus a built-in GPS module and accelerometer, this unit will loop-record a series of pre-set duration segments totalling up to approx 4 hours onto the included 16GB MicroSD memory card. Or select an optional larger memory card for greater duration.

Here's how it works:

After attaching the main camera to the inside of the windscreen behind the rear-view mirror and plugging the power cable into the cigarette lighter, then attaching the rear camera to the top of the rear window, the cameras will begin recording from the moment you start the car, then stop recording when you turn off the car.

If no incidents occur in that time, you can either download the clips from that trip or just leave them on the memory card to eventually be over-written automatically when more space is needed.

The footage can be viewed live, in the car, using any mobile device with the free BlackVue App.

But if an accident occurs during the drive, the built-in impact sensor (G-sensor) will detect it, then mark that video segment in the card memory.

You can download it any time, complete with Google map showing all GPS data such as speed, direction, location, time, etc.

And thanks to the high resolution image, you can zoom in to read license plates or see other important details.

This footage and data is extremely useful for insurance claims and in any situation where another driver claims a different version of the event and there's no other witnesses.

It's also great protection in road rage incidents, or if police mistakenly pull you over claiming speeding or other infringements. (And it will record what the police say to you...)

The GPS tracking function is also handy for logging where the car has been when used by other drivers.

And by using the optional hard-wire Power Magic Pro, the Blackvue can also record in unattended Parking Mode, helping protect your vehicle from unwitnessed parking damage.

For some independent reviews, click here.

As a "set & forget" device, the BlackVue gives great peace of mind and useful protection against poor drivers and scammers. We reckon every car will eventually have them fitted as standard...

PLEASE NOTE: This is the English language version with English firmware and English voice prompts. We DO NOT stock the Korean language version that's usually found on eBay.

This item is Aussie-spec with 24 months local warranty!

Barcode # 889186000994
Brand BlackVue
Shipping Weight 0.6600kg
Shipping Width 0.013m
Shipping Height 0.009m
Shipping Length 0.018m

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