We've managed to secure two Inspire 1 V2s! Get these for well under RRP. Inspire 1 Pro is also available - please contact us for more info.

Capture 4K video and take 12-megapixel still photos with the DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter X3 with Integrated 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal.

This is a revolutionary design quadcopter that breaks new ground for the concept of automated aerial photography and cinematography. It's often described as the world's most advanced ready-to-fly aerial filming device.

Without the fixed landing gear design found on most quadcopters, the Inspire 1 features a retractable arm system where the underside of each prop motor has a foot acting as a landing pod when the arms are lowered. In-flight, the arms automatically lift up to provide an unobstructed 360-degree view and panning ability.

The camera records internally to microSDHC/SDXC memory cards and can also transmit a live 720p video feed to any mobile device running the DJI Lightbridge app.

One radio controller is included and a second can be added so that one operator can pilot while another can pan and tilt the camera.

The GPS-based stabilization system will hold a position even when in wind, can compensate for pilot inputs to help avoid stalling, automatically brings the aircraft home in the event of signal loss or at the press of a button, and makes possible a number of semi-automated flight modes that can be enabled through the app.

There is also an "indoor" mode which relies on Optical Flow technology to provide stability indoors or in other contexts where GPS is unavailable.

This kit includes:

  • Inspire 1 with 3D gimbal and 4K camera
  • Lightbridge FPV
  • Travel case
  • One (or two) radio transmitters
  • Flight battery
  • 100W Battery charger
  • 16GB MicroSD card
  • ND filter and clear filter
  • 2 sets of Quick Release props
  • Chest strap for remote controller

It comes ready-to-fly (RTF) so no assembly is required - just add a tablet for viewing!

Integrated 4K Camera
4K and HD Video Capture

The Inspire 1 camera shoots 4K video at 24p and 30p, and can shoot 1080P HD video frame rates from 24p to 60p. It features a 1/2.3" CMOS sensor with a 94-degree field of view (FOV) lens. While not as immersive as a fisheye lens, this FOV features less distortion and gives the subject more emphasis. The camera also features a threaded lens so that polariser or ND filters can be easily added.

3-Axis Gimbal
The camera is mounted on an integrated 3-axis gimbal which uses brushless servo motors to keep the shot stable and the horizon level. The camera pans a full 360-degrees so that no matter which way the quadcopter turns, the camera can remain locked on the subject. Manual panning and tilting is controlled via the transmitter.

Live HD View
A real-time feed from the Inspire 1 camera can be displayed in 720p HD on a mobile device, making it a great choice for FPV (first-person view) flying, as well as enabling videographers and photographers to monitor framing from the ground. This is made possible by the inclusion of the DJI Lightbridge system within the flight electronics, which features a range up to 2km.

Modular Gimbal and Camera
Inspire 1's gimbal and camera can be removed from the craft for safe transport and future upgrades

Airframe Design
Retractable Carbon Fiber Arms

The prop arms rest in a lowered position when the Inspire is on the ground, acting as landing gear. Once in the air, they can be retracted to give the camera unobstructed views across 360-degrees.

Aerodynamic Design
Not only does it give the Inspire 1 a sleek look, the aerodynamic airframe helps reduce resistance for better performance and increased battery life.

Flight Control System
Fly Indoors and Without GPS

DJI's Optical Flow technology uses a specially designed camera as well as sonic waves to provide the same stability function indoors (and under 3m altitude) as GPS does outdoors. This technology allows the Inspire to hold its location, stop when the controls are released, and respond to pilot commands even when GPS is unavailable.

App-Based Control Software
Everything from manual camera controls to flight telemetry - even auto takeoff and landing - can be accessed via the DJI GO app.

Transmitter (Remote Controller)
Take control of your Inspire 1 in the air with a dedicated transmitter designed specifically for it. Operating on 2.4 GHz, it features dedicated buttons for photo and video capture, a gimbal control dial, and more. It also includes an integrated 6000mAh 6S rechargeable battery.

For an even greater level of precision, use a second transmitter and fly with a friend. With two people controlling the same quadcopter, one person pilots the flight path while the other aims the gimbal and camera. Each user can have their own screen to see exactly what is being shot in real-time.

Smart Battery System
Smart Power Management

The flight battery constantly supplies the flight computer with remaining voltage. Using special algorithms, the computer supplies the pilot with estimates of remaining flying distance and time to return home.

Automated Charging
The battery tracks the voltage of each cell, the total number of charges and discharges, and the overall health and battery status.


The Inspire 1 comes with either a single controller for one person operation or dual controllers for 2-person operation. Select your preferred option below when ordering. 


Brand DJI
Shipping Weight 10.0000kg

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