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Buy DJI Phantom 4 Advanced - If you're looking for a Phantom 4 Pro but don't need the rear and side object avoidance, and want to save $500, then this is the drone for you!

The new DJI Phantom 4 Advanced inherits the same superior camera as the P4 Pro but deletes just two features:

  • No rear or side sensors.
  • No dual-band transmission Lightbridge in the remote controller, just 2.4Ghz band.

Aside from that, it's the same specification as a P4 Pro.

The DJI Phantom 4 Advanced boasts a professional-grade camera with capabilities significantly greater than any of its predecessors. The camera contains a 1” CMOS sensor (4 times larger than the Phantom 4 camera sensor) capable of 4K video at 60fps and improved low light performance. The larger sensor size results in a greater dynamic range. This means the camera will be better able to balance and resolve differences between light and dark. This is a common problem in aerial footage, when you often have a brightly lit sky against dark terrain below.


And to record as much hi-res data as possible in each frame, the Phantom 4 Advanced increases the 60Mbps bitrate of the Phantom 4 to a significant 100Mbps. Many drone cameras also struggle with the ‘rolling shutter’ effect, which can give a jello-like shake to footage, especially when filming quick pans or chasing fast-moving subjects. The mechanical shutter of the Phantom 4 Advanced helps eliminate this. The new ability to adjust the lens aperture gives filmmakers greater control over depth of field in their images. The electronic shutter has also been improved with a max shutter speed of 1/8000-second.


The 20MP camera can now shoot 14 photos per second in burst mode and capture slow motion video at 60 frames per second in 4K resolution, and 120FPS at 1080P. The Phantom 4 Advanced camera has an aerial-optimized f/2.8 wide-angle lens with a 24 mm equivalent focal length. It features eight elements that fit into a smaller, more compact frame. Images are consistently detailed with low distortion, ensuring photos and videos are sharp and vivid.

Other features include:

  • A magnesium-alloy constructed hull for reduced weight and increased rigidity of the frame.
  • Improved 30 minute battery life.
  • Improved sensor redundancy: Dual compass modules and dual IMU units keep your flight steady and reliable.
  • Now accepts up to 128Gb MicroSD cards


The Phantom 4 Advanced includes all of the revolutionary Intelligent Flight Modes introduced in the Phantom 4, as well as a few new ones. These include:


With Draw, simply draw a route on screen and the Phantom 4 Advanced will move in that direction while keeping its altitude locked. This allows the pilot to focus on camera control and enables more complex shots. There are two Draw modes that can be used in different scenarios: 

Standard: The aircraft follows the route at a constant speed with the camera facing in the direction of flight.

Free: The aircraft only moves along the route when instructed. In this mode, the camera can face in any direction during a flight.

Gesture Mode

With Gesture Mode, computer vision technology allows the Phantom 4 Advanced to take instructions through gestures. The subject simply lifts their arms when facing the camera and the aircraft will recognize this movement by locking on and placing the subject in the centre of the frame. When ready for a photo, the subject holds their arms out to signal the aircraft. A three second countdown will begin, making time to strike a pose, allowing moments to be captured without the remote control.


Following fast-moving objects can be very challenging, but advanced, image-recognition algorithms used by the Phantom 4 Advanced allow it to recognize and track an object while keeping it in frame. This algorithm also recognizes a range of subjects, from people to vehicles to animals, and will adjust its flight dynamics to match, ensuring smoother shots.


Fly in any direction visible on-screen (except rearwards) with a simple tap. Tap anywhere on-screen to smoothly adjust the direction of flight while automatically avoiding obstacles and tap the screen again or use control sticks to change direction.

An AR route function shows the aircraft's real-time flight direction for reference as its route is adjusted. As it can be difficult to control altitude, course, speed and camera pitch simultaneously using joysticks, TapFly Free allows a pilot to set the direction of flight, allowing them to turn the Phantom 4 Advanced or tilt the gimbal as required without changing the direction of flight.

Return to Home

In its Return to Home mode, the Phantom 4 Advanced can automatically choose the best route to return home depending on environmental conditions. It records its route as it flies, allowing it to return along the same route avoiding obstacles if the control signal is disconnected.

Based on its altitude at the time of disconnection, the Phantom 4 Advanced is also able to adjust its flight path to avoid obstacles it has seen during its flight.

At takeoff, the Phantom 4 Advanced will record the scene below and compare its recording with what it sees as it returns, for more precise landing.

It can also detect the ground to see whether there is suitable spot for landing. If any obstacles are found, or there is water on the ground, it will alert the pilot and hover at an appropriate height, helping the aircraft to land more safely.


With this camera, this Phantom easily surpasses all previous Phantoms other than the P4 Pro. 


If you'd like to add the DJI Care Refresh policy to your order, just select it in the Option box below.

Barcode # 190021290365
Brand DJI
Shipping Weight 4.7000kg
Shipping Width 0.042m
Shipping Height 0.024m
Shipping Length 0.033m

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