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The DJI Spark Combo has all the inclusions of the regular DJI Spark package PLUS these extra items:


At just 300gm, the new DJI Spark won’t weigh you down whatever your adventure!

This amazingly compact drone features an integrated camera with gimbal stabilization to capture 12MP photos, 1080p Full HD videos, and aerial selfies. Its compact size, 50kph top speed, and up to 16 minutes of flight time will appeal to anyone looking for more dynamic shots than are possible with just a smartphone or camcorder. It features GPS- and vision-based navigation for outdoor or indoor use, a variety of automomous flight modes, and a 3D obstacle-detection system.

Integrated Camera and Gimbal 

A 2-axis gimbal-stabilized camera backed by a 1.2/3" CMOS sensor allows you to capture up to 12MP still photos and record 1080p30 Full HD video. Spark's 2-axis gimbal and UltraSmooth technology dramatically reduce shake and rolling shutter effect, keeping shots stable without loss of detail.

Spark's camera features an f/2.6 wide-angle lens with a 25mm-equivalent focal length for a wide (but not distorted) angle of view. Spark can automatically shoot horizontal or vertical panoramas, and with the new Shallow Focus feature, 3D vision technology helps capture photos with a shallow depth of field.

Photo Modes:

        • Single Shot 

        • 3-Frame Burst Shooting 

        • Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) 

        • Intervals from 2 to 60 Seconds 


Wi-Fi connects it to a mobile device up to 500m away. Both 2.4G and 5.8G signals are supported for better reliability where the spectrum is congested. View a live video feed at up to 720p resolution.

Flight Control System 
The Spark is able to position itself accurately in a range of environments by sensing its environment in three dimensions and reacting to it, ensuring it hovers steadily in every location.


Quick Launch: With FaceAware, Spark lifts off from your hand by recognizing your face. It takes off and hovers in place within seconds of powering on.

Gesture-Based Control: Tell Spark what to do without using a controller or app. Simply use hand gestures to direct it.

        • SELFIES: Raise your arms, wave your hand, or make a frame with your fingers to tell it what to do 

        • PALMCONTROL: Spark can follow your hand movements or take off and land on your palm 


QuickShot Smart Video Modes:

        • ROCKET: Ascend with the camera pointing downward 

        • DRONIE: Fly backward and upward, with the camera locked on your subject 

        • CIRCLE: Rotate around a given point 

        • HELIX: Ascend while spiraling around your subject 


ActiveTrack Subject Tracking:

With ActiveTrack, just tell the Spark who to track and it handles the rest. No GPS bracelets or transmitters are required. The Spark will detect and recognize people, bike riders, vehicles, and even animals. Two settings are offered: 

        • TRACE: Track your target from in front or behind, or even circle around it 

        • PROFILE: Follow your subject from a fixed perspective 



When you tap on your phone's screen, software translates your touch into a heading, including whether you want it to climb or descend. When you want to change direction, just tap somewhere else on your screen and the Spark will smoothly turn to the new destination. Two modes are available: 

        • DIRECTION: Keep flying in the direction you tap on screen 

        • COORDINATE: Tap the screen and fly to that spot while maintaining altitude 


Sport Mode:
Sport Mode gives the Spark a top speed of 50 kph while ramping up agility and responsiveness, to give you a taste of drone racing. You can also use it to film something fast, or zip out to catch a shot before the moment passes. Even in Sport Mode, the Spark will rapidly come to a stop if you let go of the controls.


Spark's FlightAutonomy System features a main camera, vision positioning system (VPS), 3D object sensing, GPS, a high-precision IMU, and a 24-core controller. Together these allow Spark to accurately hover anywhere with VPS assistance, sense obstacles from up to 15' away, and land safely.


Return to Home:
Where GPS is available, the Spark is able to return to its takeoff point and land itself. This will happen automatically if the battery gets too low, the controller signal is lost, or you press the RTH (Return to Home) button on the app or controller. Spark is able to sense and avoid obstacles as it returns.


Flight Protection:
DJI's GEO system lets you know where drone flights may raise safety or security concerns, such as near airports or stadiums.


The free DJI GO 4 app features automatic editing templates and an array of filters. Quickly edit videos and share them straight to social media.

Spark uses a high-density LiPo flight battery for optimal performance. 12 intelligent protection functions help ensure safe flight and Spark's battery estimates remaining flight time, letting you know when to land in real time.

And to enhance the immersive experience, Spark can also be paired with the DJI Goggles and DJI Goggles Racing Edition, with head tracking now available.

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