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Duty Free/GST Refunds

Travelling overseas? The Australian Government's Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) enables you to purchase goods Duty Free from Camzilla or any Australian retailer.

The TRS lets you claim a refund (subject to certain conditions) of the GST that you pay on items purchased in Australia.

The main points you need to know are:

* The duty on cameras has been replaced by the 10% GST. 

* The GST can be claimed back if the item is purchased within 60 days of departure. 

* You must show your Tax Invoice at the Customs desk at the International Terminal before you depart.    

* You can open up and use the goods within the 60 days prior to departure but you must take the goods through Customs with you.

* The minimum purchase is $300 incl GST, and all purchased items must appear on the one Tax Invoice or combined over multiple invoices from the one retailer.  

For full details just download a copy of the TRS brochure here.