Capture smooth and stabilised GoPro footage while on the move with the new Feiyu G5 Handheld Gimbal.

Whether running up and down stairs, shooting from a moving vehicle or trying to remain level on a boat, a handheld gimbal will take care of stabilisation issues and allow you to just concentrate on framing the shot.

Lightweight and easy to operate, the G5 is the latest GoPro gimbal released from industry-leaders Feiyu Tech. It features a number of improvements over previous models and its competitors:

  • Splash-proof: allows for use in rain, snow, or close to water. If your GoPro is splash-proof, your gimbal should be too!
  • Long-screw camera fixture ensures the gimbal is easy to assemble and stays securely in place even if it is jolted.
  • Using the self-timer button on the handle, the G5 will rotate the GoPro automatically so it points to the user. Combined with the Hero 5’s voice activation features, selfies are just one button away.
  • The new FY Settings App allows for remote control operation, auto-calibration, firmware upgrades, gimbal configuration and more, through easy Bluetooth connectivity to your phone.
  • ‘Unibody’ structure reduces the amount of individual components in the gimbal. This strengthens the device and delivers better anti-shake performance
  • Precise brushless motors mean the G5 is quieter and more responsive. Its energy efficiency gives it nearly 8 hours of battery life!


The G5 will accept a GoPro Hero 6, 5, 4, 3+ or 3. It contains an in-built 4-directional control joystick that assists with camera angle adjustments. Control is always at your fingertips, and its function button ensures the user can toggle through the different gimbal modes seamlessly.

The G5 has three modes allowing either full movement in every direction or the locking of an individual axis. They are: 

  • Heading (Yaw) Follow Mode - Pitch and roll locked, yaw follows the direction of movement.
  • Heading and Pitch Follow Mode - Roll locked, yaw and pitch follow the direction of movement.
  • Locking Mode - Yaw, pitch and roll all locked.

Using 3 brushless motors and sensors, the 3-axis gimbal will compensate in real-time for any movement in the Pitch (tilt), Roll and Yaw (pan) axis, meaning beautifully smooth footage no matter how shaky your hands are! Every axis can rotate in 360 degrees.

The G5 has a standard 1/4” thread, enabling you to connect to tripods, poles, suction mounts, or other camera mounts. Here at Camzilla we specialise in this sort of camera mounting equipment, so please contact us if you’re interested.

If you've ever tried to get smooth footage from a handheld GoPro while moving, you know what a challenge it is. With the G5 and very little practice, you'll never go back to shaky, unstable shots again.


SKU Feiyu-G5
Barcode # 6970078070394
Brand Feiyu
Shipping Weight 1.5000kg

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