GPC engineers have designed the M200/210RTK case with support from DJI, enterprise dealers & users with experience in the field. With the expectancy of major mission differences, we have packed a ton of space for accessories in a mil-spec protective case.


This case is the most compact configuration possible accommodating 4 camera options, up to 14 TB50s or 8 TB55s and 3 options for monitors. As always using the best quality cases by SKB and our signature water jet low abrasive soft cell polyethylene foam with our original blue MDL cap for added durability.


All totaling with maximum load we have 36 cavities pending your battery and camera configurations.


Top Tray:

  • 1 DJI Matrice 200 or 210 RTK (without camera (s) attached and landing gear removed)
  • 1 Controllers (Standard or Cendence without patch antenna)
  • 14 TB50s (including 2 on UAV) or 8 TB55s (including 2 on UAV)
  • 2 iPads or CrystalSkys (7.85” or 5.5”)
  • 2 Battery Chargers
  • 2 Charging Hubs
  • 1 Small Accessory Cavity
  • 1 Storage For 2 Sets of Props (with slot for calibration panel)


Bottom Tray:

  • 1 Z30 and 1 XT or camera case
  • 1 X4s or X5s
  • 1 Controller (Standard or Cendence)
  • 1 CrystalSky Battery Charger
  • 2 CrystalSky Batteries
  • 3 Accessory Cavities (2 under UAV)
  • 2 Cendence Antennas
Brand GPC
Shipping Weight 15.0000kg

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