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Dash camera customer Otto Prasek purchased the new model BlackVue WiFi DR500 recently, and like many owners, he was very impressed with this camera:

"Great service, communication and technical support. Quality product (Blackvue DR500GW) and quick delivery, all at a good price. I will certainly go back and have no hesitation to recommend them. Thank you!"


Camzilla customer Cameron Williams from regional NSW needed to mount his iPad in his car, so he chose an Arkon floor mount that bolts into the seat-rail under the passenger seat:


"Thanks for a great product! It fits perfectly and holds my iPad beautifully and very securely. The most amazing thing was that I ordered on Wednesday about 2pm and today (Thursday) when I got home my package was waiting for me. And I live in a small village well outside the Express Post delivery area!
Thanks again for the easy-to-navigate website, coupled with the extremely fast processing and delivery, which made my shopping experience very pleasurable."


TV Production company Projekta have purchased various cameras and accessories from us in the past, but when co-owner Nathan Richman had a unique mounting request for home use, he approached Camzilla again. He wanted to mount an iPad on his telescope to take advantage of some great new astronomy apps.

We put together a few RAM components which positioned the iPad exactly where it was needed, keeping it secure and well-balanced. Now master of his AstroMaster, Nathan can happily stargaze with the best iPad apps well into the night...



When Scott Gibbons of started preparing his vehicle for the 2012 Variety 4WD Adventure, he struggled to find the right location to mount his TerraTrip Rally computer. Previous positions on or around the dash were just too awkward, so he dropped into Camzilla for a custom solution.

With a need for extreme durability in mind, Grant engineered a screw-on rear cradle with a RAM flexible arm attached to a RAM seat rail mount. It gave both driver and navigator complete freedom of placement combined with a sturdy operating platform.

"Thanks Barry and Grant for making the TerraTrip holder, it looks terrific! Looking forward to trying it out on the Variety 4WD Adventure - I'm sure it will be stable. More importantly, thank you both for taking the time and using your experience to solve my problem. It's refreshing to meet professionals! Cheers, Scott."




In June 2012, extreme motorsport video producer Auki Henry from HIGH RPM found himself at a major race event in Darwin without suitable mounts for his GoPro cameras. A quick call to Camzilla got the right mounts sent out immediately, arriving in Darwin in time for the shoot. As he tells it, they did the job even better than expected:

"Just like to thank you guys for the prompt delivery of our order last week. We needed some heavy duty gear in a hurry and you saved the day with the Triple Suction Mount Assembly + GoPro Tripod Adapter.  I've attached some photos so you can see what we put them through on the roof of the Aussie Bandit wheelstander. 

The mounts also got put through the spin cycle with Summernats burnout champ Mick Brasher's ULEGAL car and were solid as a rock.  I have never felt more confident of a suction mount for extreme motorsports usage EVER - thanks for such a great product!"

camzilla_rpm_122_500    camzilla_fear-video-still_500

 photo courtesy of Mike O'Neill,




Sydney drifter Tim Mu purchased a Camzilla Triple Suction Mount for some dramatic camera angles on his Nissan Silvia:

"Suction mount handled well under some quick acceleration. Car is on stiff coilovers but the video footage came out sweet. Cheers for the awesome product guys!"



WA photographer Michael Thompson recently purchased a Camzilla Triple Suction Mount plus mount extension to use with his Nikon D7000 and 18-105mm lens. As he explains, it worked extremely well with the heavy setup: 

"You can see in this pic how I've mounted the camera on the vehicle window and then used my Nikon infra-red remote to trigger the camera for still shots across the bonnet down the road. It had also been set in video mode for on-the-go filming of driving. Even though the camera is rather heavy, there were no dramas holding it steady. Mounting to the door of the vehicle was also done, facing in the reverse direction, but only in video mode. Great little device! There's still plenty more experimenting to be done to get even more out of my setup. Thanks!"





"As a TV cameraman for 34 years, I've used most small HD POV cameras, and can honestly say that the Drift Innovation Stealth HD170 camera I purchased through Camzilla is a ripper! Totally blown away by the ease of use, size and picture quality.


This is a must-have unit for any cameraman who needs that POV shot in a hurry. Rotating lens is awesome and LCD screen sets it apart from the others. Even has Audio Out capabilities... Fantastic!


And Camzilla - great delivery, service and fantastic customer relations.


I've used the HD170 Stealth camera on two TV shows so far and no doubt will be using it on more... a Four Wheel Driving segment on Fraser Island for Guide to the Good Life (Network Seven Australia) and Mercurio's Menu in New Zealand (Seven Network Australia)."


Mick Purdy - Cinematographer, Melbourne, 12 June 2011




The Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth camera was awarded Best In Class by Tarmac Magazine in a comparison test of every action camera on the market.


In their words, "Learning from all the other cameras, the Drift HD170 has all the options required for an ideal motorsport camera."


Tarmac Magazine - Issue 10, March 2011



"Camzilla is a universal camera mounting system. While most action cameras include some sort of mountings, the Camzilla CZ1 package offers far greater flexibility, combining rollbar and suction mounts & fixings to offer a solution for almost any camera problem."  

Tarmac Magazine - Issue 10, March 2011


"This kit is sure to be snapped up!"

Mark Hinchliffe, Brisbane Courier-Mail - 11 Dec 2010, writing about the Camzilla CZ1 Mounting Kit




"If you're a car enthusiast who loves capturing video of your car, you're going to want to add this to your shopping list. 


Camzilla has released a camera-mounting kit with everything you need to attach a camera to your car, bike, boat or jetski. There are suction and clamp mounts designed to withstand vigorous vibrations while filming, and enough grip to handle speeds of 200km/h. The kit suits most cameras and there's even an optional iPhone adapter."


Matt Campbell, Drive section, Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age - 3 Dec 2010




I recently purchased one of your Drift Innovation HD170 cameras, which I bought in addition to an Oregon Scientific ATC9K I already had. Once I used these cameras together, I found the HD170 was far superior to the Oregon. Even though the product specs were almost identical, the difference was noticeable straight away, the colours the HD170 produce are nothing short of spectacular. It’s also lighter weight and with the swivel lens, any mounting angle is possible.

I liked it so much I’ve ordered another HD170 from you today.


I also now have 4 Camzilla mounts in total and all of them are very reliable for inside or outside the car. Very easy to use and even at speeds above 250kph, super stable.


I bought your iPhone mount as well, which is the most stable one on the market by far. It’s great for everyday use, I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and there isn’t even the slightest mark on my phone from putting it in and out.


I would also like to add that your service throughout all my purchases from your online store has always been followed up promptly and with personal attention to detail, always delivering on promises made and really fast shipping.


Thanks again,


Mark Cini,  


RaceSport Manager, 


Patterson Cheney RaceSport  


1 Dec 2010



"The Camzilla Single Suction Mount is great for filming track days, hill-climbs, drifting and pretty much any type of motorsport you can think of. It's one of the most stable mounts on the market and can support up to 1.5kg - ideal for the majority of HD handicams."

NZ Performance Car magazine, "Cool Products" section, Nov 2010



"I’ve been using an old pump-action suction mount system on cars since the early 90’s. 

Although it served me well, the unit has fallen off a couple of times so I went looking for other options.

I started using the Camzilla Triple Suction Mount about 6 months ago and it sticks securely on all sorts of cars in all sorts of conditions.

I especially like that the locking action is a simple twist of a lever - I found pushing the button vigorously on the old pump mount a little hard on the fingers… 

The Triple Mount fits even curved surfaces really securely and I’ve spent the past 2 days with a Canon 5D attached whilst driving and it stayed in the right spot the entire time."

Mark Bean, Mark Bean Photography Sydney (automotive photography), Sept 2010


In August 2010, Motor Magazine again invited Camzilla along for filming of their second annual Castrol Hot Tuner Challenge, held over 2 days at Eastern Creek Raceway and WSID Dragstrip. The video footage of more than 30 modified cars is intended for viral web distribution and the Motor website. 

Camzilla again provided on-car and in-car mounts for the featured cars, resulting in a variety of unique camera angles of all the action. This year, constant heavy rain during the second day of the event led to some spectacular footage. As all Camzilla suction mounts are waterproof and we were using waterproof cameras, we got some amazing shots. The edited clips will be uploaded to the Camzilla video page.

As for Motor Magazine, the Castrol Hot Tuner feature story was split into 3 parts and appeared in the October, November and December issues. Check out Castrol's teaser video from the event hereas well as Video 1 and Video 2.

__________________________________________________________________________________ - one of Australia's premier motorcycle news websites, purchased a Camzilla CZ1 mounting kit recently to test it on a wide range of motorbikes. In their initial review, they wrote: 

"We ordered a kit and intend to use it to shoot some (hopefully) exciting onboard video and some onboard images from different angles not usually seen.

The kit includes a suction cup mount capable of pulling dents out of your car door, and a nice plastic/rubber-coated clamp mount, as well as various attachments for angling the camera and the all important safety lanyard. 

We were expecting a plastic construction, but it turns out the Camzilla is higher quality alloy components, and the box mentions it is made in the USA, not that "other" place you might expect."




For the 20th Annual Sport Compact Jamboree drag-racing event in Queensland from 21-22 August 

2010, the organisers selected and endorsed Camzilla mounts as the official camera mount of the 

event for all competitors. They also chose our mounts to attach along the dragstrip for their own 

TV broadcast of the weekend's highlights. In their words: 

 "For all Sport Compact events, we recommend the range of Camzilla Rollcage Mounts."

 Read the full story.




It’s a very well made piece and extremely versatile. You can basically adjust it anyway you wish - definitely worth the money! - August 2010 - after fitting a Camzilla rollcage mount to their MX-5  See blog and pic.



I think this is a good bit of gear at a good price. It opens up avenues for movie-making that the average amateur might not have considered. 


Rating:  Ease of use - 8       Features - 9   Documentation - 8 Value for money - 8

Frank McLeod, AusCam Magazine - March 2010     Read full story.



The Camzilla clamp mount is small, light, and allows quick angle changes - even in the tight cabin of a Lotus Exige. We used one throughout Targa Tasmania and I now never run an onboard camera without it.

Dean Evans, Lotus Aust driver - Sept 2009




In August 2009, Motor Magazine selected Camzilla mounts for the filming of their first annual Hot Tuner Shootout, held over 2 days at Oran Park Racetrack and Eastern Creek’s WSID Dragstrip. The video footage of the 22 participating cars is intended for viral web broadcast and will also be available on the Motor website and the Camzilla videos page.

Hot Tuner Shootout feature story appears in the October 2009 issue of Motor while the review below appears in the November 2009 issue.

Damion Smy

It's hanging off the slithering Mustang GT500 like a tentacle as Luffy throws the car sideways. Yep, the CamZilla CZ1, the latest camera mount system to hit Oz, proved it can handle the toughest of tests when we stuck it on the side of 22 of the country's fastest cars to record our first annual Hot Tuner Shootout.

Packaged exclusively by Serious Media Australia, the car nuts that brought us the Serious Performance DVD series, the CamZilla CZ1 kit's name seems inspired by the all-conquering R32 Nissan GT-R. The kit includes a variety of mounts that, like Godzilla, offer monster grip, user-friendliness and versatility.

You can use it with your existing camera, and its powerful locking suction mount with patented aluminium double-ball arm safely sticks to any flat non-porous surface. We know that it sticks, too – with the added reassurance of the included safety tether, we had it hanging onto all 22 of our Hot Tuner Shootout cars at speeds up to 204km/h, run-after-run, lap-after-lap, and we didn't lose a single camera or mount during two days of testing!

Once attached, you can adjust your camera in an array of positions to capture a variety of angles. It's designed to minimise vibration, so your shots have great clarity too. 

It's also easily interchangeable, so swapping between cars is a cinch with the quick-release mechanism. There's even an aluminium clamp for your motorbike handlebars and other fixed objects and a guide to help you set up your Hollywood action shots. But check out some of the footage at we managed at the Hot Tuner Shootout as another reference.

While you could build your own rig from different components from separate sources, the CamZilla CZ1 is the first universal mounting kit available in Australia that offers everything you need in one comprehensive package.

One for the weekend!

PRODUCT: CamZilla CZ1 Universal Camera Mounting Kit

PRICE: $139.00 + shipping

RATING: 4.5 out of 5