Drone Service/Repairs

Camzilla is an Authorised DJI Service Centre. Our fully-equipped workshop is staffed with highly-qualified drone service technicians, and overseen by a qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. We can carry out most repairs to your DJI Phantom, Mavic Pro, Inspire 1 & 2, Matrice series or Spark, and can also provide general servicing, set-up and firmware updates.

Rest assured, by sending your drone to Camzilla, you're placing it in good hands. We'll promptly assess the damage to your drone and report back toyou with a repair quote. Following the repair, your drone will be bench tested or taken for a flight test by our CASA-licensed commercial drone pilots.

For repairs, we charge an up-front $50 assessment fee, with this fee then being deducted from your repair invoice. Our labour is billed at $100 per hour (GST inclusive). If you'd like to book your drone in for repair or service, please contact us!

* Please note: if you are sending your drone to us, the only items we need are the drone itself and the remote. Please do not send batteries, propellers, SD cards, chargers or any other accessories. If sending your drone to us, please complete the applicable sections of our Technician jobsheet, sign and send the form along with your drone. The form can be downloaded via the following links:  

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ti8qtng03n3u0h/Camzilla%20Technical%20Support%20Form%20V1.docx?dl=0 (Word format)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ehvunlf8oxausol/Camzilla%20Technical%20Support%20Form%20V1.pdf?dl=0 (PDF)

We'll be in touch once we've received your drone.