3 Footed Monster

About the 3 Footed Monster


3 Footed Monster - Ultimate Magnetic Mounts

Filmmakers and professional video production communities have seen innovative video equipment progress for over a decade since the DSLR craze started in the late 2000s. Since the Nikon D90 and Canon’s EOS series created the video in DSLR trend, the budget filmmaking/video production space began to see a new era of opportunities. 

The creative freedom provided by this evolution has given birth to thousands of artists and many varieties of equipment globally. However, sometimes it is best to use props that are already present in your surroundings. Our heavy-duty 3 Footed Monster product range enables you to make use of every ferrous surface that you can find to add value to your art form. 

Be it poles, iron pillars or car surfaces, you can plant this compact camera mount on it all. This ability makes our magnetic mount one of the best ways to avoid extra clutter, save money and capture impossible shots with minimal equipment on set. All you need is you or your location scout/manager to have an eye for such tricks and a good amount of production experience. With our magnetic mount at your disposal, you will save huge amounts of time and money by being able to capture professional-grade shots from a variety of angles quickly and hassle-free.