• 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera
  • 5.1K/50fps Professional Imagery
  • Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution
  • 46-Min Max Flight Time
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing
  • 15km HD Video Transmission
  • Advanced RTH
  • Night Mode for Video Recording
  • DJI RC (5.5-inch HD Display)



Let’s Answer Your Questions

  • Compared to Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Air 2S, what advantages does Mavic 3 Classic have?

    Mavic 3 Classic is one of DJI’s flagship consumer drones equipped with a specially made Hasselblad camera. It has the following advantages:

    1. Increasing flight time by almost 50% compared to Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 3 Classic delivers up to 46 minutes in the air for care-free creation.

    2. Equipped with a professional-grade 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad camera that delivers vivid, natural colors and better performance in low-light environments thanks to a larger image sensor. It also supports up to 5.1K/50fps or 4K/120fps video recording, meeting the needs for both high-resolution and high-frame-rate recording.

    3. O3+ transmission technology is used. With a transmission distance of up to 15 km, fly farther and more stably with peace of mind. It can also transmit a 1080p/60fps live feed. This means the camera view is displayed at specifications close to what the camera actually records. It also makes Mavic 3 Classic more responsive to your control.

    4. With APAS 5.0, when flying, Mavic 3 Classic continually senses objects in all directions and bypasses them quickly and smoothly. Fly confidently and safely, and create smooth footage even in complicated scenarios.

    Mavic 3 Classic integrates the cutting-edge technologies of DJI drones to deliver powerful imaging and flight, making it a friendly and useful creative tool for beginners, photography enthusiasts, and pros.

  • What are the advantages of Mavic 3 Classic in photo and video shooting?

    Mavic 3 Classic is equipped with a professional-grade 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad camera that delivers vivid and accurate Hasselblad color. A large sensor brings imaging quality to an entirely new level. Night Shots mode optimizes video footage in low-light scenarios for cleaner shots. 10-bit D-log video recording is also supported to deliver natural color gradations with more highlight and shadow details retained for greater flexibility when editing.

  • What differentiates Mavic 3 Classic, Mavic 3, and Mavic 3 Cine?

    Mavic 3 Classic has one 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad camera, and the gimbal does not support gimbal lock.

    Mavic 3 has two cameras: in addition to a Hasselblad camera, it has a 162mm tele camera, and supports gimbal lock to protect the gimbal.

    On top of these Mavic 3 features, Mavic 3 Cine supports Apple ProRes 422 HQ, Apple ProRes 422, and Apple ProRes 422 LT codecs and comes with a built-in 1TB SSD for high-speed data storage.

  • Compared with DJI RC-N1, what major upgrades does DJI RC have?

    1. With a built-in 5.5-inch HD display, DJI RC provides crisp viewing even under direct sunlight. With the DJI Fly app pre-installed, it can directly link with your drone after powering on without connecting to a smartphone, allowing you to start shooting right away.

    2. Built-in antennas for powerful and compact performance.

    3. All-new dual-spring control sticks for a smoother control experience.

    4. More customizable button and dial functions for more convenient operation.

  • Compared with the previous generation, what upgrades does the omnidirectional sensing system on the DJI Mavic 3 Series have?

    The Mavic 3 Series can detect obstacles in all directions with extreme precision. Multiple sensing cameras with a wider range of detection help Mavic 3 respond to obstacles earlier. In a well-lit environment, Mavic 3 can avoid obstacles faster and more smoothly, capturing stable footage safely even when flying laterally or backward.

  • What improvements does ActiveTrack 5.0 have compared with the previous version?

    ActiveTrack 5.0 tracks subjects in eight directions, bringing more creative possibilities. Embedded with the newest subject recognition technology, ActiveTrack 5.0 uses multiple vision sensors simultaneously to recognize a subject, differentiate it from other objects, and lock the subject in frame. It allows users to adjust tracking angles smoothly for more natural results. Thanks to new environment and subject-sensing algorithms, Mavic 3 responds earlier to subject movements and environment information, and plans a more optimum tracking route in advance to record smooth and stable footage.

  • What improvements does Advanced RTH have compared with the previous version?

    Compared to the 20 meters of its predecessor, the DJI Mavic 3 Series has a maximum forward-sensing distance of 200 meters during RTH. During flight, Mavic 3 will use advanced environmental sensing technology to determine the safest, most energy-efficient flight route to return the drone to its home point.

  • What is the difference between normal bypass mode and Nifty mode for APAS 5.0?

    In Nifty mode, the obstacle detection sensitivity is lowered. Bypass maneuvers will be less noticeable, which reduces the impact of obstacle avoidance movements on your footage.

  • Is Mavic 3 Classic compatible with the accessories for Mavic 3 and Mavic 2?

    It is not compatible with Mavic 2 accessories. It is compatible with Mavic 3 accessories, except for the ND filters set and wide-angle lens.

Brand DJI
Shipping Weight 2.1000kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.200m
Shipping Length 0.200m
Shipping Cubic 0.008000000m3

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