This is Freewell's extended version of the PolarPro Cinema Shutter set for the Phantom 4 Pro & Advanced. The filters are virtually the same but come with an additional Polarising Filter (CPL) plus a soft vinyl pouch instead of the hard plastic case.

The 4-pack of Freewell Multi-coated ND filters for 4K video are designed to reduce light entering the lens to slow down the camera's shutter speed. This creates a more natural looking motion blur that smooths out footage and removes the choppy looking video that can result from a high shutter speed.

The ND filters will also reduce lens flare when shooting into the sun and tone down other highlights when filming outdoors.

The filters are:

  • ND16 (2.9gm) : Cuts light by 4 stops (for sunny day)
  • ND32 (2.9gm) : Cuts light by 5 stops (for bright sunny day)
  • ND64 (2.9gm) : Cuts light by 6 Stops (for the very brightest conditions, such as snow)
  • Circular Polarizer Filter (CPL) (6gm) helps remove unwanted reflections from surfaces such as water or glass. It also enhances colours and increases contrast

They feature:

  • HD optical glass with double-sided multi-coating for shooting 4K Video
  • Easy grip aluminium frame for quick install & uninstall
  • Lightweight design with no negative effect on gimbal operation
  • Includes ND16, ND32, ND64, CPL and protective pouch
  • Bonus Freewell Lens Cleaner for keeping your lens and filters free from dust and fingerprints
  • Lifetime warranty


Brand Freewell
Shipping Weight 0.1000kg

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